OpenStack: Scary Enterprise Support

At Red Hat, we’re seeing a surge of confidence from large organizations and more and more OpenStack adoption (with deployments in thousands and tens of thousands of sockets) in industries like financial services, insurance, healthcare, and retail. This increased confidence can be tied to the increasing maturity of the OpenStack code (at least for the …

Using JBoss DataVirtualization to access SalesForce

In this blog post I would like to explain how to access with JBoss DataVirtualization (JDV). For those of you who do not know what JDV is, here a short introduction: What is JBoss DataVirtualization? JDV is the Red Hat productized version of the Teiid project by JBoss. But what is JDV doing? JDV … Read moreUsing JBoss DataVirtualization to access SalesForce