Solution Demos in 16:9

I posted a few demonstrations two weeks ago. I re-recorded them in 16:9 to work better when projecting on a larger screen. Enjoy. Accelerating Service Delivery MOV  MP4 Optimizing IT MOV MP4 Scalable Infrastructure MOV MP4  


OpenStack Keystone: Integrating LDAP with IPA

Overview Keystone is the identity service in OpenStack responsible for authentication of users and services. Keystone leverages tokens which are transient in nature. In addition to authentication Keystone allows for policy management defining roles and responsibilities that govern users, services … Continue reading


[Short Tip] Query all registered repositories in Red Hat Satellite

The idea of RESTful APIs is pretty appealing: using the basic components of the WWW as APIs to bring together services. Operations like HTTP GET and POST, base URIs and media types like JSON are supported almost everywhere simply because the web is supported almost everywhere, it is pretty easy to provide REST enabled servers, … Continue reading [Short Tip] Query all registered repositories in Red Hat Satellite

Improving Service Design

In order to deliver services faster to their customers organizations need to ensure their development and operations teams work in unison. Over the last weeks and months I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with several organizations in industries ranging from telecommunications, to financial services, to transportation to gain a better understanding of how they […]

Useful command line options for ansible-playbook

Ansible provides quite some useful command line options. Most of them are especially interesting during debugging. Background There are three major ways to work with Ansible: launching single tasks with the ansible command executing playbooks viaansible-playbook using Tower to manage and run playbooks While Tower might be the better option to run Ansible in the … Continue reading Useful command line options for ansible-playbook