Including Operations in Continuous Delivery

Disclaimer: This is not a roadmap for Red Hat, just a concept based on upstream projects and research. First, a bit of back story just so you know how I’ve arrived about what this post talks about. I’ve been researching how organizations design reusable services and suggesting how it might be possible to improve the lives […]


[Short Tip] Call Ansible Tower REST URI – with Ansible

It might sound strange to call the Ansible Tower API right from within Ansible itself. However, if you want to connect several playbooks with each other, or if you user Ansible Tower mainly as an API this indeed makes sense. To me this use case is interesting since it is a way to document how … Continue reading [Short Tip] Call Ansible Tower REST URI – with Ansible

switching from dhcp to static IP via Ansible

Overview In my lab environment i want  to keep influencing dependencies low. While setting up the servers they got their ip address through dhcp. Now this will be switched to the static IP, which is found in DNS for this server. ansible nmcli module i played with ansible-nmcli module [1] but the resulting ifcfg-* file had […]

setting up ntp via Ansible in my private lab

Overview I already have a configured and working chrony on my management server. Now i would like to assure this management server to be the one and only time source for all hosts in my lab and that the timezone on the servers are set correctly. As the hosts are quite old and sometimes might loose their bios information […]

Ansible – Playbook versus ad-hoc commands

Overview Ansible playbooks work quite differently than ad-hoc commands. For a newbe Ansible user it might be irritating that you can’t choose your target hosts at runtime when running an Ansible playbook. Here is a way around this. can’t choose target hosts with playbooks As i started  with Ansible i first used some ad-hoc commands to have […]

Open Source for Business People

Thanks to the effort of companies like Red Hat, Google, Netflix and many others, it’s safe to say that open source is no longer a mystery in today’s IT organizations. However, many struggle to understand the nuances that make a huge difference between vendors commercially supporting the same open source technologies. Should the general public …

Ways to provide body payload in Ansible’s URI module

Talin to a REST API requires to provide some information, usually in the form of JSON payload. Ansible offers various ways to do that in the URI module in playbooks. In modern applications REST APIs are often the main API to integrate the given APP with the existing infrastructure. REST often requires posting JSON structures … Continue reading Ways to provide body payload in Ansible’s URI module