How to Manage the Cloud Journey?

By now, it’s hopefully clear that Red Hat is very serious about Management, with a continual commitment and a constant look at the big picture. OUR COMMITMENT Over the years, we expressed our commitment to become a key IT management player in a number of ways: Through M&A activities, with the acquisition of ManageIQ in …

[Howto] Writing an Ansible module for a REST API

Ansible comes along with a great set of modules. But maybe your favorite tool is not covered yet and you need to develop your own module. This guide shows you how to write an Ansible module – when you have a REST API to speak to. Background: Ansible modules Ansible is a great tool to … Continue reading [Howto] Writing an Ansible module for a REST API

Install gluster one at a time

Overview There seems to be some trouble with my local satellite repository i therefor switched to install directyl from CDN. The following script starts the system, reregisters to CDN, installs the SW and powers the system off again. This is done sequentialy one at a time, as my bandwidht is not that high and i need to […]