Community Kickoff am 22.09. in Frankfurt

Wie machen das eigentlich andere? Aktuell sorgen Container-­basierte Applikationsentwicklung und deren Lösungen für viel Gesprächsstoff. Die Chancen sind immens, doch entstehen vielfach durch den Paradigmenwechsel auch neue Problemstellungen, bei denen viele sich fragen: “Wie machen das eigentlich andere? Unter diesem Motto haben gut 30 IT Profis gemeinsam den “Blick über den Tellerrand” gewagt und viele …

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OpenStack: Integrating Ceph as Storage Backend

Overview In this article we will discuss why Ceph is Perfect fit for OpenStack. We will see how to integrate three prominent OpenStack use cases with Ceph: Cinder (block storage), Glance (images) and Nova (VM virtual disks). Ceph provides unified scale-out … Continue reading


Ceph: the future of Storage

Overview Since joining Red Hat in 2015, I have intentionally stayed away from the topic of storage. My background is storage but I wanted to do something else as storage became completely mundane and frankly boring. Why? Storage hasn’t changed much in … Continue reading


[Short Tip] Fix mount problems in RHV during GlusterFS mounts

When using Red Hat Virtualization or oVirt together with GLusterFS, there might be a strange error during the first creation of a storage domain: Failed to add Storage Domain xyz. One of the rather easy to fix reasons might be a permission problem: an initial Gluster exported file system belongs to the user root. However, … Continue reading [Short Tip] Fix mount problems in RHV during GlusterFS mounts