Storage for Containers using Gluster – Part II

Overview This is a four part series dedicated to container storage. The article is a collaboration between Daniel Messer (Technical Marketing Manager Storage @RedHat) and Keith Tenzer (Solutions Architect @RedHat). The focus of this article is an overview on storage for containers. In this article we will focus on laying out fundamentals critical to any container storage discussion. In […]

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The Disruptive Seagull

Plenty of discussion during a recent Red Hat sales event around both innovation and operation. What happens after the innovation stops (and yes innovation continues, but the thing you’ve already innovated needs to be operated), and you need to get the benefit from innovation you need to operate it to get the value of the

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Organisational change and cognitive dissonance

When we discuss the barriers of cultural change within an organisation, we tend to focus on the organisational processes rather than the beliefs, opinons and values of the individuals within the organisation.  We all have internalised values and beliefs which are based on many factors including gender, sex, level of education, socio-economic group, age religion and many others.

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