Adding hosts to DNS via Ansible

Overview I’m running a dynamic Nameservice for my datacenter authorative for Now i want to add address records and reverse pointer records to dns to be able to resolv names. Solution To achieve this i added variables to my inventory: cat /etc/ansible/hosts  [glusterleft] gluster11 ipaddress= gluster12 ipaddress= [glusterright] gluster21 ipaddress= […]

Using my fedora laptop as OpenShift demo center

Overview I’m setting up a an OpenShift demo following the helloworld-msa: The laptop i’m using is a lenovo thinkpad running Fedora 23. The notebook is used for my day 2 day work and additionally as a presentation and demo laptop. Setting up the OpenShift Demo is therefore a natural step. Preparing the Demo Installing vagrant I […]

Configuring 2 HP 1920 switches

Overview I’m setting up 2 data centers with 2 HP 1920 24 port switches. These switches need to server more than one LAN (1) which makes VLAN-configuration necessary. Having one Switch in each DC brings the need to have some switch-interconnect to spread the VLANs over both switches as single broadcast domains. As i do […]