Using github to version some files

Overview I want to store some config files, scripts or Ansible playbooks  on a central web service to have some versioning know where the newest truth resides I’m not a developer and don’t do lot of collaborative coding in a big spread team. So  i manly need to add files, change files and consume them. Up to […]

Adding hosts to DNS via Ansible

Overview I’m running a dynamic Nameservice for my datacenter authorative for Now i want to add address records and reverse pointer records to dns to be able to resolv names. Solution To achieve this i added variables to my inventory: cat /etc/ansible/hosts  [glusterleft] gluster11 ipaddress= gluster12 ipaddress= [glusterright] gluster21 ipaddress= […]

Configuring 2 HP 1920 switches

Overview I’m setting up 2 data centers with 2 HP 1920 24 port switches. These switches need to server more than one LAN (1) which makes VLAN-configuration necessary. Having one Switch in each DC brings the need to have some switch-interconnect to spread the VLANs over both switches as single broadcast domains. As i do […]

Install gluster one at a time

Overview There seems to be some trouble with my local satellite repository i therefor switched to install directyl from CDN. The following script starts the system, reregisters to CDN, installs the SW and powers the system off again. This is done sequentialy one at a time, as my bandwidht is not that high and i need to […]

switching from dhcp to static IP via Ansible

Overview In my lab environment i want  to keep influencing dependencies low. While setting up the servers they got their ip address through dhcp. Now this will be switched to the static IP, which is found in DNS for this server. ansible nmcli module i played with ansible-nmcli module [1] but the resulting ifcfg-* file had […]

setting up ntp via Ansible in my private lab

Overview I already have a configured and working chrony on my management server. Now i would like to assure this management server to be the one and only time source for all hosts in my lab and that the timezone on the servers are set correctly. As the hosts are quite old and sometimes might loose their bios information […]

Ansible – Playbook versus ad-hoc commands

Overview Ansible playbooks work quite differently than ad-hoc commands. For a newbe Ansible user it might be irritating that you can’t choose your target hosts at runtime when running an Ansible playbook. Here is a way around this. can’t choose target hosts with playbooks As i started  with Ansible i first used some ad-hoc commands to have […]