[Short Tip] Fix mount problems in RHV during GlusterFS mounts

When using Red Hat Virtualization or oVirt together with GLusterFS, there might be a strange error during the first creation of a storage domain: Failed to add Storage Domain xyz. One of the rather easy to fix reasons might be a permission problem: an initial Gluster exported file system belongs to the user root. However, … Continue reading [Short Tip] Fix mount problems in RHV during GlusterFS mounts

Optimizing IT

In a previous post I outlined the common problems organizations face across both their traditional IT environments (sometimes called mode-1) and new emerging IT environments (sometimes called mode-2). These included: Accelerating the delivery of services in traditional IT Environments to satisfy customer demands Optimizing traditional IT environments to increase efficiency Creating new development and operations […]

[Howto] Accessing CloudForms updated REST API with Python

CloudForms comes with a REST API which was updated to version 2.0 in CloudForms 3.2. It covers substantially more functions compared to v1.0 and also offers feature parity with the old SOAP interface. This post holds a short introduction to calling the REST API via Python. Introduction Red Hat CloudForms is a Manager to “manage … Continue reading [Howto] Accessing CloudForms updated REST API with Python