Ansible package moved from EPEL to extras

A few days ago the Ansible package was removed from EPEL and many ask why that happened. The background is that Ansible is now provided in certain Red Hat channels. What happened? In the past (pre-2017-10) most people who were on RHEL or CentOS or similar RHEL based systems used to install Ansible from the EPEL repository. … Continue reading Ansible package moved from EPEL to extras

[Howto] Adopting Ansible Galaxy roles for Solaris

It is pretty easy to manage Solaris with Ansible. However, the Ansible roles available at Ansible Galaxy usually target Linux based OS only. Luckily, adopting them is rather simple. Background As mentioned earlier Solaris machines can be managed via Ansible pretty well: it works out of the box, and many already existing modules are incredible … Continue reading [Howto] Adopting Ansible Galaxy roles for Solaris

[Howto] Solaris 11 on KVM

Recently I had to test a few things on Solaris 11 and wondered how well it works virtualized with KVM. It does – with a few tweaks. Preface Testing various different versions of operating systems is easy these days thanks to virtualization. However, I’m mainly used to Linux variants and hardly ever install any other … Continue reading [Howto] Solaris 11 on KVM

[Howto] Managing Solaris 11 via Ansible

Ansible can be used to manage various kinds of Server operating systems – among them Solaris 11. Managing Solaris 11 servers via Ansible from my Fedora machine is actually less exciting than previously thought. Since the amount of blog articles covering that is limited I thought it might be a nice challenge. However, the opposite … Continue reading [Howto] Managing Solaris 11 via Ansible

Ansible Galaxy just added Solaris platform support

While Ansible is mostly used in Linux environments, it can also be used to manage other UNIX variants like Solaris. Now the central hub for Ansible roles, Ansible Galaxy, also added support for the platform Solaris. Ansible is handy tool to manage multiple servers. Besides the usual Linux distributions it features support for BSD variants, … Continue reading Ansible Galaxy just added Solaris platform support