[Short Tip] Workaround MIT-SHM error when starting QT/KDE apps with SUDO

Starting GUI programs as root usually is not a problem. In worst case, sudo inside a terminal should do the trick. However, recently I had to start a QT application as sudo from within GNOME. It was the yubikey configuration GUI, a third party tool thus not part of any desktop environment. Executing the app … Continue reading [Short Tip] Workaround MIT-SHM error when starting QT/KDE apps with SUDO

[Short Tip] Call Ansible Tower REST URI – with Ansible

It might sound strange to call the Ansible Tower API right from within Ansible itself. However, if you want to connect several playbooks with each other, or if you user Ansible Tower mainly as an API this indeed makes sense. To me this use case is interesting since it is a way to document how … Continue reading [Short Tip] Call Ansible Tower REST URI – with Ansible

[Howto] Workaround failing MongoDB on RHEL/CentOS 7

MongoDB is often installed right from upstream provided repositories. In such cases with recent updates the service might fail to start via systemctl. A workaround requires some SELinux work. Ansible Tower collects system data inside a MongoDB. Since MongoDB is not part of RHEL/CentOS, it is installed directly form the upstream MongoDB repositories. However, with … Continue reading [Howto] Workaround failing MongoDB on RHEL/CentOS 7