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Ansible: Automation Benefits for Business in 3 Minutes

Ansible Automation is a business elevating framework. Yes, it is.

This was a creative project, but it really grew out of my frustration that others are building awesome content too. How dare they?! It really is hard to cut through the noise and get your words heard. I really wanted to get the message across that IT AUTOMATION ACTUALLY ELEVATES BUSINESS, and that IT ISN’T ONLY ABOUT OPS EFFICIENCY.

That was the point when I realized that I needed to stand out, catch eyes and infuse the content into a more consumable, fun format – and went for a whiteboarding video, as short as it could be, with as much content as I could compress into it. It is all there, how Ansible Automation enables Cross-Team Collaboration, Self-service Consumption of Services and Infrastructure as Code. It actually turned out to be pretty cool, and got close to 10.000 views. If you need to impress management for an IT automation project, This Is The Way (c).

The Ansible Song

Alright, this one is more on the fun side of the Force. At Red Hat, there is a week reserved every year to celebrate and dive into Red Hat’s company culture, called the “We Are Red Hat Week”. Last year during WARHW, as my 3-year-old child sang a song that was easy to cover on the ukulele, my better half teased me that I could use that and my obsession for rhymes for Red Hat content. That faithful day I once again had a bit too much caffeine already… and the rest is history. I wrote the Ansible Song, with rhymes, without ukulele skills. If you watch it enough times, maybe I won’t compose another one.

…if you read so far, there’s a chance that you watched my videos. That means the effort was worth it. Should you have requests for followup video topics, hit me up on Twitter (@kvegh) or on LinkedIn.

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