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Ansible: Zero to Azure Automation within Minutes

Here’s a riddle: Take a bowl, add a of spoonful social networks, a pinch of discussing Ansible Automation, a cup of building creative content, season it with some authenticity and a dash of humour, stir well, what do you get? Well, yeah, a lot of effort to invest, obviously. But you also get the possibility to scale communication in the current storm of vendor pushed whitepapers, talks and webinars. Recording demos allows your audience to revisit content and consume on demand. I tried my hand, here is a video I came up with:

Zero to Azure Automation within Minutes

I’m always on the lookout for automation use cases that are both interesting and relevant. Cloud orchestration is very much within the intersection of those two, so that was one of the reasons to create this video, the other one being that many companies are abandoning their data centers, moving forward to dynamical cloud platforms, and are aiming for agility at the same time. So here we go. How do we start with cloud automation (in this case Azure)? It turned out to be easy, for people at Microsoft contribute a lot of Ansible content. Which leads to – as usual – that with Ansible you’ve got something functional put together within the shortest time. Hence the title: Zero to Azure Automation within minutes.

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