Red Hat Summit 2022: Editor’s Picks

June 6, 2022

Red Hat Summit 2022 is a wrap! It was packed with interesting sessions covering a wide range of topics. Most sessions are available after a quick registration for on-demand viewing until December 2022 here:

There are 101 on-demand sessions available covering high level topics down to the dirty technical details of using Red Hat’s products. Your Opensourcerers blog editors followed along of course! As we come from varying backgrounds we thought it might be helpful to navigate this wealth of content by highlighting our personal favorites here.

So without further ado we would like to present the highlights as perceived by us, the members of the OpenSourcerers Editor Team:

Ansgar Kückes (Industry) recommends:

As we’re all affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, I’d recommend to check how the Washington Health Benefit Exchange worked with Red Hat partner Deloitte during the pandemic, to enhance the state’s online insurance marketplace with OpenShift, Integration and Ansible Automation Platform:

Washington Health Benefit Exchange improves access to health coverage with open source

Unfortunately we’re faced with new challenges concerning our security. In many aspects. See how Israel’s Mamram Defenses Forces’ unit responds quickly to mission changes with edge computing with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes, OpenShift and Ansible Automation Platform:

Mamram unit responds quickly to mission changes with edge computing

Who does not have a stable, scalable environment for innovative development across cloud platforms on the wish list? See how Audi AG, part of the Volkswagen (VW) Group found the necessary dimensions to tackle a transformation process successfully, from the perspective of culture, technology, and processes at scale:

How Audi drives digital transformation with cultural change

Similar topic, but another industry, and even another scale: Watch how Goldman Sachs is migrating their applications from traditional virtualization to OpenShift Container Platform with container-native OpenShift Virtualization for tens of thousands of hypervisor nodes:

Operationalizing virtualization for key applications using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with Goldman Sachs

Götz Rieger (IT Automation & Management) recommends:

I’ve worked in the area of Open Source infrastructure and management like forever and Ansible Automation Platform quickly became my pet product at Red Hat with RHEL as “the base of everything” a close second. So my picks might be slightly biased… 😉

This is a must-see for every Ansible Automation Platform user! The session covers new features and capabilities as well as gives an overview of what’s in store for the next release:

 Ansible Automation Platform roadmap

RHEL at the Edge is a big theme at Red Hat Summit; this session gives a nice overview of what Red Hat provides to manage large fleets of RHEL based edge systems today:

Conquering the Complexities of Edge with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Ingo Börnig (Open Source Innovation) recommends:

In my point of view this changes the way we work with edge devices and remote infrastructure the same way as Kubernetes changed the datacenter. There will be no need for special treatment of small footprint deployments anymore. From the mainframe to the Raspberry Pi: OpenShift can rule them all. Here we go:

Deploying Kubernetes applications on ARM-based edge devices

And this is not a future looking announcement: We will have it this year and in the community version you can already play with it. For a start look at this great post.

Matthias Pfützner (Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure) recommends:

As the chief editor covering Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, I was torn between sessions around Cloud Management and Automation. Some of those have also been Götz’ area above.

So, here are my top three:

As we are continuing to provide more and more of our products as managed services (RHEL is there in the AppStores of the large public cloud provider, OCP is getting there with ROSA, ARO, RHOIC, …), here’s the background and roadmap:

Red Hat Cloud Services—technology vision and roadmap

Many questions around all of the ecosystems, like “Why OpenShift over any K8S?”, or “What’s OCPvirt and how is it related to RHV?” or “What about OpenStack and OpenShift?” or “How to manage OCP, via ACM or AAP?” and many many more are addressed here:

Ask the experts anything about Red Hat OpenShift

And here a great way to see Red hat Advanced Cluster Manager in action:

RHACM in the keynote demo (starting at 50:35)

And my pet peeve of the Summit: I loved the skillful way Chris Wright beat the other folks with the Bride Bouquet (better known as the “automotive analogy”) in his keynote, talking about giving the first driving lesson to his daughter (starting at 01:04). I had been involved early on in trying to get RHEL into the car, and now, that we announced our cooperation with GM, this automotive “touch” of his keynote hit me.

Torben Jäger (Cloud Native App Dev) recommends:

With the 1st pick in the 2022 Red Hat Summit Cloud Native App Dev recap Torben Jäger selects:

Burr Sutter and “Ask the experts anything about developer product adoption


  • Steve Speicher, Director, Developer Tools Product Management, Red Hat
  • Ignacio Riesgo, Senior Director Developer Marketing & Strategy, Red Hat
  • Burr Sutter, Director, Developer Experience, Red Hat
  • Christina Lin, Sr. Principal Portfolio Architect, Red Hat

and hear them answer live questions on this panel moderated by Christina Lin regarding

  • Get set up with Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces and Quarkus Tools.
  • Use Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Get access to our world-renowned developer advocates through account-based developer adoption.

With the 2nd pick in the 2022 Red Hat Summit Cloud Native App Dev recap Torben Jäger selects:

Natale Vinto and “The Red Hat Cloud way: Event-driven, serverless, distributed cloud services to support modern apps


  • Natale Vinto, Senior Principal Developer Advocate, Red Hat
  • Sebastien Blanc, Developer Advocate, Red Hat

and see them using all kinds of Red Hat tech to support modern use cases from edge to geo distributed services. All you see is available to you at your fingertips free of charge. Give it a spin and play with it!

With the 3rd pick in the 2022 Red Hat Summit Cloud Native App Dev recap Torben Jäger selects:

Daniel Oh and “Improving developer experiences and processes from local to Kubernetes


  • Daniel Oh, Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

showing all the love and joy that went into Quarkus Dev Mode. Learn about Inner and Outer Circle and how to easily deploy a Quarkus app to OpenShift.

In the 4th round I have tried to pick something that is a little bit flying under the radar compared to all the other announcements Red Hat made at Summit or on demand videos provided.

With the 4th pick in the 2022 Red Hat Summit Cloud Native App Dev recap Torben Jäger selects:

Stevan Le Meur and “Introducing Red Hat OpenShift extension for Docker Desktop

Join Stevan Le Meur, Product Manager at Red Hat, and learn about how to easily integrate your Docker Desktop with OpenShift.

With the 5th pick in the 2022 Red Hat Summit Cloud Native App Dev recap Torben Jäger selects:

Jim Tyrrell and “10 design tips for microservices developers with Quarkus


  • Jim Tyrell, Senior Principal Solutions Architect, North America Application Services Practice Lead, Red Hat

and listen to his thoughts about building MicroServices with Quarkus.

That’s all for now, folks!

Hope you also enjoy NFL American Football and the Draft as much as I do! 😉

Famous last words

We hope this helps you in navigating the huge list of sessions and makes it easier to find the right usage of your valuable time. If you find additional useful sessions, let us know in the comments.

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