From Zero to Sidekick – Introduction into Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite V6

This article is the start of a series on getting to know Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite V6. The intention is to start small with a simple scenario and then grow more and more complex.

Some might wonder about the title … why from Zero to Sidekick? Well, I’m a believer in not being able to go from Zero to Hero just by following a tutorial or reading a book. As simple as that!

As this will be a series of videos and not articles, let’s just jump right in!

Video 1: Installing Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

Video 2: Creating a repository

Video 3: Using the Data-Modeler tool

Video 4: Creating a first simple rule with associated testscenario

Video 5: Creating a Domain Specific Language

Video 6: Guided Decision Tables


Please do leave comments on what you would like to see as the next stage!

3 replies on “From Zero to Sidekick – Introduction into Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite V6”

I enjoyed Sidekick series but would have liked to see HUman Task forms and a process against which it all comes tigether

Hi Irzaud,

thanks for the feedback!

I do not have such a video and am currently more then busy with the IoT-Series. I will put your idea in my bucket of to-dos, but can not promise anything. Sorry!

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