JBoss BPM & JBoss FSW Demo updated to BPM-Suite V6.1

Due to public requests, I updated my BPM & FSW demo to now run with the new Red Hat JBoss BPM-Suite V6.1

The migration was pretty easy, as the majority of the required artifacts did not need any alteration at all.
Only the BPM-Suite repository needed a quick export/import as just copying the V6.0 niogit directory to V6.1 caused errors.

So this is what I did:

  1. cloned the V6.0 repository from JBoss BPM-Suite to my local machine
    $ git clone git://<serverName>/HeiseDemo
  2. create an empty repository on some other git server, like github
  3. add this new repo as a new remote branch
    $ git remote add github <URL to git repo>
  4. push local repo to new remote
    $ git push -u github master
  5. in BPM-Suite V6.1 create a new repo by cloning the one you just created

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