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Red Hat IoT Demo – Next Generation

After having done a pure Docker/JBoss based IoT Demo-Environment I felt like it was time to bring this demo to the next level, but what does that mean? For me it means to become a bit more “realistic” and to integrate more and different technologies into the demo. In hard facts, this mean

  • real, “dumb” sensors connected to some enabling technology like a Raspberry Pi as a smart edge component
  • smart sensors directly attached to a microprocessor like ESP8266
  • adding some “intelligence” to the smart edge component via technology like Eclipse Kura and RHIOT
  • establishing a small smart gateway to do preprocessing, e.g. on a Raspberry Pi ( again )
  • cloudbased datacenter services, build on OpenShift V3

In a visual form, this is what I intend to build over the course of the next weeks.


As a first step, I will create a Raspberry Pi based Smart Gateway. For demo purposes I will run Docker on it and have Red Hat JBoss Fuse as a container.


I hope I was able to create some interest, so stay tuned for the first stage to be ready and documented!



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