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May 27, 2024

Welcome to the Women+ in Data and AI (W+DAI) event—a true highlight in the tech community calendar that’s all about embracing diversity and empowerment. This isn’t just any tech conference; it’s a celebration where the latest in AI and data science meets a vibrant and supportive network. Here, everyone from industry veterans to budding speakers gets a chance to shine and share, making it the perfect spot for growth and inspiration. As we dive into stories from attendees like Tala, Marta, and Miri, and the founder of W+DAI, Larysa, you’ll see just how W+DAI is transforming the tech world with a splash of inclusivity.

“Remarkable experience that left a lasting impact on me.”

Tala Ismail, Solution Architect, Red Hat

Taking part in The Women+ in Data and AI event was a remarkable experience that left a lasting impact on me. 

The first aspect that stood out in comparison to other events is obviously – based on the name – the increased representation of women and individuals of diverse genders, both speakers and attendees. It was incredibly inspiring to witness such inclusivity and diversity within the community, creating a sense of comfort. 

I had the privilege to be a speaker during this event. After applying for a talk and getting accepted, Larysa, the organizer, offered me coaching sessions and provided unwavering support and guidance throughout the whole process, until I was fully prepared for the presentation. Her belief in my potential and passion for everything she is doing helped me gain confidence and refine my abilities. One of the key features of this event that I appreciate a lot is that it provides a safe and supportive environment for new speakers who would like to expand their presentation skills. The focus on addressing weaknesses constructively was particularly beneficial, as it allowed me to identify areas for improvement and grow as a speaker. Moreover, the event organizers created a supportive atmosphere where participants felt encouraged to take risks and expand their skills. 

On another note, the event was also a great place to meet new people and expand my network.  Let’s just say I met some seriously talented people who left me feeling inspired. I had the pleasure to talk to people with different backgrounds and these interactions provided valuable insights.

And can we talk about the event’s organization? The location was great, everything from the talks to the booths to the party! Everything ran smoothly thanks to the great organization done by the whole team and specifically Larysa. Her dedication and approachability were evident throughout the event, and her leadership played a crucial role in its success.

Overall, the event was not only about fun, it was also an inspiration for me and contributed to my career growth and skills development. I am really grateful for the experience and looking forward to the next occurrence of the event!

“It’s not just about networking; it’s about building genuine connections that can lead to real growth”

Marta Blaszczyk, Solution Architect, Red Hat

Attending the Women+ in Data And AI event in Berlin in June 2023 was a game-changer for me. It was more than a conference; it felt like a gathering of friends passionate about AI and data. No one worried about what to wear, which meant we all showed up as our true selves, eager to learn more about this passionate technology. The team behind the event was so welcoming and diverse—they were always there, ready to chat or help out. This made everything feel personal and inclusive.

Larysa, as the leader of this conference, stood out to me. Even with her packed schedule, she made time to connect with everyone, showing how relationships matter. This left a significant mark on me. As a young woman in the IT industry, being around others who are welcoming, nice, friendly, and passionate about what they do inspires me to do more and be more, not alone but together as a team.

This experience was not just inspiring; it changed the way I see my professional journey. It’s not just about networking; it’s about building genuine connections that can lead to real growth, both for our businesses and ourselves. After feeling the warmth and energy of this event, I’m eager to contribute as a speaker next year. It showed me that when we support each other, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.That’s why I can’t wait for the next edition!

“A gathering that celebrates the diversity of voices and experiences within the fields of Data, AI, and MLOps.”

Miriam Bressan, Manager Solution Architecture, Red Hat

Have you ever attended a conference where diversity and a safe space to exchange ideas and network wasn’t just a buzzword but a tangible reality?

Let me take you back to my experience at “Women+ in Data & AI” last year, a transformative event that challenged norms and celebrated inclusivity in the realm of Data & AI. As I reminisce about last year’s opportunity to be part of this event, I can’t help but feel a surge of excitement for our return and being part of this unique experience this year. Women+ in Data & AI” isn’t your typical tech conference. It’s a gathering that celebrates the diversity of voices and experiences within the fields of Data, AI, and MLOps. From deep-dive technological discussions to conversations about culture, mindset shifts, and ethical considerations, this conference covers the full spectrum of topics in this rapidly evolving field.

Rather than solely the business title, on this conference’s stage the content and idea counts. We saw experienced speakers sharing the stage with talented rookie speakers, creating an environment where learning and growth were prioritized while creating a safe space and opportunity to have deep follow-up discussions. It was truly inspiring to see individuals from all backgrounds come together to share their insights and experiences, reminding us that everyone has something valuable to contribute, regardless of their level of experience.

The atmosphere in the booth area radiated in a colorful way, that you don’t always experience in specialised technology conferences of our region. Everyone is invited to come as they are and as they chose to show up, rather than being limited by a specific dresscode. This seems to be a rather superficial aspect, but it reflects an open minded atmosphere deeper than one might think. Instead of conforming to traditional norms, attendees were encouraged to express themselves authentically. The result? The most colorful and inspiring conference I’ve ever experienced, where individuality and diversity was celebrated and embraced.

But what left the most lasting impression was the people behind the conference, particularly Larysa and her team. Their dedication to creating a safe and inclusive space where every attendee felt valued and supported was evident in every aspect of the event. Larysa’s personal commitment to the well-being of each participant served as a powerful example for us all, inspiring us to approach our work with empathy and integrity.

In a field as advanced and multifaceted as Data & AI, safe spaces like “Women+ in Data & AI” are more important than ever. They remind us that diversity fuels innovation, and that by embracing inclusivity and fostering growth, we can create a future where everyone has a fair chance for a seat at the table.

(So, as I prepare to embark on another unforgettable journey with “Women+ in Data & AI,” I invite you to join me in embracing diversity, championing growth, and creating a world where all voices are heard and valued.)

“This is the empowerment I want for every women+ in tech.”

Dr. Larysa Visengeriyeva, Head of Data and AI, W+DAI Founder

W+DAI is a powerful movement that aims to empower every woman+ in the tech industry. The concept behind W+DAI is centered around unity, bravery, and empowerment. One of the key factors in the success of the W+DAI Festival is the creation of a “safe space” for everyone involved. This was made possible through six months of preparation, which paid off in the end.

Mentoring is a cornerstone of the W+DAI approach to diversity and inclusion, and Tala’s journey is a shining example. As a mentee, she has flourished under this approach. To amplify the visibility of women in the tech industry, we’ve implemented a strategy of ‘double talk’ between Tala and Miriam, who is already a great speaker. This approach has proven to be a game-changer, significantly boosting women’s visibility at tech conferences.

The W+DAI Festival desires to level up everyone involved. This includes not only the organizers but also first-time speakers, mentors and supporters, and attendees. By creating a supportive and inclusive environment, W+DAI is able to help everyone reach their full potential in the tech industry.

#W+DAI2024 Women+ in Data and AI Festival 2024

We invite you all to join us this year! Our mission is to create an environment for female and gender minority tech communities in data engineering, machine learning, data science and MLOps by inviting them to an event that stands for

  • Unity — to connect all female and gender minority communities.
  • Empowerment — to become empowered through education.
  • Courage — to be energized to achieve our goals and live successful lives.

We aim to celebrate inclusion and diversity in diverse tech communities by organizing a “Women+ in Data and AI” summer festival where we create opportunities to engage in technical, professional, and non-technical conversations in a positive, supportive environment. We will feature talks by women and gender minorities working in data engineering, data science, machine learning, and MLOps. We will also host non-technical workshops and networking events.

The festival is open to anyone regardless of gender, identity, or technical background.

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