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Adorning myself with borrowed plums on Leadership, Empathy, Perspective, Millenials an the Infinite Game

There are times when things are said, told, explained in a way you cannot improve nor make it more meaningful. Hence, in the “borrowed plums” category I start sharing with you things that impressed and influenced me and my thinking in relevant ways.

One speaker that is inspiring me to see and observe the world with different eyes is Simon Sinek, and this is the first talk from him I was listening to.

Listening to those 34 minutes will provide you so many ideas, thoughts and impulses will pay back to your confidence and thinking instantly.

Please enjoy listing to Simon’s talk: “Most leaders don’t even know the game they’re in”:

By Michael Leibfried

Michael Leibfried is an experienced IT professional with experience as project manager, lead architect, team lead, developer and consultant. He has delivered solutions for market leading brands, managed distributed, large scale teams, also in distributed offshore delivering.
At Red Hat, Michael consults customers as Solution Architect in the context of complex digitalisation projects and leads related strategic engagements.

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